The semi-psychedelic sound of Phantom Electric is a unique mixture of alternative rock created by Nick Whitson and producer Kristofer Sampson featuring a rotating cast of heavy hitting Atlanta-based musicians.

First conceived in 2013, Phantom Electric began as a collection of demos while Nick Whitson was in Atlanta-based rock band Alchemy with Sean and Sami Michelsen. By Summer of 2015 Whitson rallied a group of friends together to record the first installment of Phantom Electric with Atlanta producer Kristofer Sampson, "Friends," which debuted in October 2017, featured two singles "Friends” and "Feels". The recordings 
 Atlanta-based musicians Daniel Draddy, Peter Norman (Spectralux), Matthew Pendrick (Slow Parade), Isaac London, and old bandmates Sean & Sami Michelsen (Reptile Room). Phantom Electric's 2017 release "Friends" was well received by the press. Recognized for their mature songwriting capabilities as well as their ability to seamlessly combine an eclectic mixture of influences and sounds.

Shortly after the release Phantom Electric went quiet for a period of time. Whitson began performing and touring with Rumours at the end of 2017 until March of 2019. In between tours, Whitson began working with producer Kristopher Sampson on Phantom Electric's follow up release. The new music will include collaborations with prominent Atlanta rockers such as Kyle Gordon (Mammabear), Ben Davidow (Buzzards of Fuzz / Gas Hound), and guests from Phantom Electric's previous release, "Friends".